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Practical advice for shift worker

ShiftWork Systems Circadian Lighting Technology ShiftWork Systems, Inc.
Using circadian technology to bring improved productivity and safety to the 24 hour work place.

Link to petrochem site The Resource for Refining, Chemical, Oil and Gas industries

Safety and health in shiftwork From WorkSafe in Western Australia.

Shiftworker News A free sample of "Shiftworker News"

The BEST Schedule Consulting
The BEST Schedule Consulting, LLC is a team of scheduling experts committed to helping you improve operational efficiency and employee satisfaction through a cost-saving labor schedule system. Our global experience working with Fortune 1000 companies in nearly every imaginable industry has provided us with an extensive database of solutions to complex scheduling problems.

Circadian Technologies Inc Features the Circadian Learning Center: Self-guided Tutorials on Circadian Rhythms, the Biological Clock, Alertness, and Sleep Publications with the World's Largest Shiftwork Bookstore with Newsletters, Books, Booklets, Pamphlets, Calendar, Video -- plus nearly 150 Books from
Consulting: Shiftwork Scheduling, Lifestyle Training, Management Seminars, Research Sleep and Alertness, Shiftwork Research, Circadian Rhythms

Coleman Consulting Coleman Consulting Group is based in the San Francisco Bay Area.
They have consultants with backgrounds in shift work, operations research, and management of shift work operations. Coleman Consulting Group has international programmes for improving shift work operations. They work with union and non union work forces, continuous operations, service organizations, and manufacturers to design and implement cost saving solutions.

Shiftwork Solutions Is a consulting firm which specializes in the evaluation, design and implementation of shiftwork schedules.

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